Electron JS

Electron JS Application is a full package Node JS Desktop Application. Electron is a library which can be used to create Desktop Applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Electron works with NodeJS for native App Development which reduces the dependency of different desktop application development languages over different Operating Systems. Electron enables you to write your app once and with web languages, which can run as desktop App.

In this post, we will see how we can execute a simple program using Electron JS Desktop App, with HTML and CSS.

  • Prerequisite

NodeJS must be installed first.
You will also Electron JS to be installed for Development using Node Package Manager.

Find the Source Code on GitHub: Electron JS NodeJS Desktop Application.

  • Electron JS NodeJS Desktop Application Program

Once above pre-requisites are done, use the GitHub project to clone and execute. Check program instructions as below.

  1. Once the NodeJS setup is done. In any of the empty directory checkout the Git project for electronjs-app. This will be your workspace with NodeJS to execute or modify the electronjs-app Source code.

    ElectronJS Visual Studio Code Project Structure

  2. The electronjs-app program can be modified using any HTML and JavaScript Editor like Visual Studio Code or Atom or Sublime etc.
    Once the folder is checkout from GitHub, cd into that folder and the execute npm install to install required Node Modules for executing the Application.

    Once the required modules are installed, the Application is ready to run using npm start npm command.

    Electron JS Desktop Application Result

    So here we are done with the first program for Electron JS Desktop Application using NodeJS.


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