Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Spring Boot is an easy way to create quick and “just run” Java-Spring Applications. It is built on top of Spring Framework, to provide fast paced Rapid Application Development.

Spring Boot is combined of Spring Framework with Embedded HTTP Server (Tomcat or Jetty) and also with no requirement of providing the Bean configurations externally via XML. There is way you can extend the configuration but it is not mandatory to start with simple Spring Boot Application to run.

Along with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud project provides a wide variety of tools, which help developers to address various application development concerns. The Spring Cloud projects are various dependencies which can be added to the Spring Boot Project as per the need and each component addresses a specific cross cutting concern.

The Spring Cloud components address specific concerns as below:

  1. Spring Cloud Config Server – Configuration Management
  2. Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka – Service Discovery by Clients
  3. Spring Cloud Gateway – Routing, Monitoring, Resiliency etc.
  4. Spring Cloud Sleuth – Distributed Tracing along with Zipkin

and many more such components provided in Spring Cloud Project, to address the specific needs and concerns.

The Spring Cloud Demo – GitHub Application created just to explain and share a working Demo for Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Components together.

The required technology stack, and how to compile and run the specific applications, details are available on GitHub ReadMe page.


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