Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Spring Boot is an easy way to create quick and “just run” Java-Spring Applications. It is built on top of Spring Framework, to provide fast paced Rapid Application Development. Spring Boot is combined of Spring Framework with Embedded HTTP Server (Tomcat or Jetty) and also with no requirement of providing the Bean configurations externally via … More Spring Boot and Spring Cloud


OpenAPI Documentation (Swagger 2.0)

Open API Specification (OAS) Swagger 2.0 is a full package for RESTful API Documentation. It defines a standard, language-agnostic interface for RESTful API Documentation. The Swagger documentation is defined for Consumer, to understand the capabilities of the services and interact with minimum efforts from client-side and without any client implementation. In this post, we will … More OpenAPI Documentation (Swagger 2.0)

Spring MVC CRUD Application with MySQL and Hibernate

Spring MVC CRUD Application with MySQL and Hibernate is a full package of Spring MVC basic Applicaiton MVC Style of Spring development in Java. This application explains how the view is configured, how the controller is closely connected with view and somewhat with model. The application also connects with MySQL using Hibernate, so this also … More Spring MVC CRUD Application with MySQL and Hibernate