Apache Maven

Maven is an Apache software, which is used for project management, project’s build, reporting and documentation.
This document is for Maven Setup and Installation on Windows Machine.

System Requirement

Maven 3.3+ requires JDK 1.7 or above to execute.
You must have java pre-installed on your machine, and download maven binary zip for the latest stable version from Maven website. Maven Download (Binary zip).
The version used in most of the examples with this blog are Maven version 3.8.4 or above.

Installation Procedure

Below are the steps for Maven installation in Windows.

  • Unzip the downloaded archive, i.e. apache-maven-3.8.4-bin.zip to the directory (i.e. C:\Maven\)

  • Add environment variable M2_HOME by opening the system properties, selecting "Advanced" Tab, and the "Environment Variables" button.

System Properties Image for Maven Home in Environment Variables

System Properties Image for M2 Home in Environment Variables

Image for M2 Home Environment Variables

  • In the same dialog, update the Path System variable, and append the value by %M2_HOME%\bin;. After this Maven will be available in command line.

Image for M2 Home Environment Variables Path Edit

  • Open a new command prompt (WinKey + R) then type cmd, and run below command to verify that Maven is correctly installed.
mvn --version

Image for Maven Version Check


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