MongoDB Setup

MongoDB is free and open-source, flexible, scalable, document based database which stores data in JSON-like documents. Makes data easy to work with as the document in MongoDB databases maps with objects in the application code and the data structure can be changed easily over the time.
  • Download Setup

    To install MongoDB on Windows machine download the file from link below. In this tutorial the version used is 4.0.5 Windows Installer. Find Latest MongoDB Version for Download.
  • Install Setup

    Below are the steps for MongoDB installation on Windows.
    • Locate the downloaded MongoDB setup file mongodb-win32-x86_64-2008plus-ssl-4.0.5-signed.msi on your machine. Double click on the executable to start installation.
      MongoDB Setup Start
    • Accept the terms by selecting check box. Click Next to proceed.
      MongoDB End-User License Agreement
    • Click next, setup displays the option to choose setup type. Select Custom for specific installation. You can select Complete, in case you want to install the setup to a default path, but recommended is to choose Custom.
      MongoDB Select Custom Type Installation
    • Select any specific path on the system where MongoDB needs to be installed. Click Next to proceed.
      MongoDB Custom Path Select
    • On Previous screen when Browse button is clicked, this screen appears for selection of path on the system, select newly created empty folder for MongoDB installation.
      MongoDB Select Specific Path To Install
    • In MongoDB Service Configuration screen, make sure that you select the check box for As A Service. Keep default selection for option Run Service as Network Service user with default provided Service Name as well as Data Directory.
      MongoDB Install As Service
    • Installing MongoDB Compass is optional, but recommended. Its an offcial GUI provided by MongoDB. It is a simple-to-use, sophisticated GUI that allows any user within the allowed user group to visualize and explore your data with ad-hoc queries in just a few clicks, and that also with zero knowledge of the MongoDB query language.
      MongoDB Compass Install (Optional)
    • MongoDB installer is Ready to install files to the location provided in the previous steps. Click Install to Proceed further.
      MongoDB Ready To Install
    • MongoDB installer is installing files to the location provided in the previous steps.
      MongoDB Install As Service
    • Click FINISH just to complete the MongoDB Installation.
      MongoDB Install Finish
    • Open a new command prompt (WinKey + R) then type cmd, and run commands mongod --version to verify that MongoDB is correctly installed.
      MongoDB Installed Version Check
And this completes the MongoDB Installation on windows.