NodeJS Setup

NodeJS is an asynchronous, event driven JavaScript runtime environment. It is designed to execute scallable standalone applications in JavaScript. This allows JavaScript programs to run on server side rather than browser.
  • Download Setup

    To install NodeJS on Windows machine download the file from link below. In this tutorial the version used is 10.14.2 Windows Installer. Find Latest NodeJS Version for Download.
  • Install Setup

    Below are the steps for NodeJS installation in Windows.
    • Locate the downloaded NodeJS setup file node-vNN.NN.N-x64.msi on your machine. (Where N is numeric digit). Double click on the executable to start installation.
      NodeJS Setup Start
    • Accept the terms by selecting check box. Click Next to proceed.
      NodeJS End-User License Agreement
    • Click next, setup displays the Install Node.js to: path. Choose the path to any folder where node setup is to be installed. Click next to start installation.
      NodeJS Install To Path
    • Select any features to be installed. Just Continue and Click Next from here.
      NodeJS Custom Features Select
    • Click Install button on Ready to Install Node.js screen.
      NodeJS Ready To Install
    • NodeJS installer is installing files to the location provided in the previous steps.
      NodeJS Installing
    • Click FINISH just to complete the NodeJS Installation.
      NodeJS Install Finish
    • Open a new command prompt (WinKey + R) then type cmd, and run commands node -v and npm -v to verify that NodeJS and Node Package Manager (npm) are correctly installed.
      NodeJS Installed Version Check
And this completes the NodeJS Setup on windows.